Advantages of Door to door Cargo service

When you think of moving to a new house or office first you think about the best cargo service and second, you choose a door-to-door delivery. What exactly does this door to door entail? Come let’s dive in deep.

Door-to-door cargo exactly means picking up the goods from one point and delivering them to the end-user point two (either a doorstep delivery or to any warehouse).

A single contact to finish the delivery

When you choose an option for door-to-door delivery you get introduced to a courier manager who explains and gets you through the whole process and keeps in touch with you then and there until the goods reach the destination. You don’t need to have a list of contact persons to know the exact position of your goods.

door to door delivery

Best way to save your money

  • Point one picking at your doorsteps to point two delivering destination with one single payment you end all your concerns. This may or may not include packing your things from point one to unpacking the same cargo in point two. Consult with your cargo-partner for detail.
  • Clearing your goods and taking them from the hub is a big task. You need to arrange for a separate vehicle and that charges you more than usual. When this comes as a whole package all transports will be in one bill and you won’t be charged a penny other than the bill amount.
  •  Moreover, all your goods will be insured, and moving insured goods is even safer. You will get covered by insurance for any loss or damaged goods. Talk with your courier partner for insurance details.
  • Track your goods in a single touch by sitting in your living room. Many of the cargo companies provide a tracking system that shares your moving goods’ locations until it reaches the destination. A hassle-free cargo service will be one of your memorable big moves.
benefits of a door to door cargo

Hassle-free deliverance with Ozone

Ozone cargo gives you the most comfortable cargo service with no hidden documents or extra charges for any clearance. We have a valid license in every port your goods enter so the goods are delivered to the doorsteps without any delay. Our tailored solutions for our customer’s needs made us a trustworthy and customer-friendly cargo service in Dubai.

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