A Quick Glimpse on Door to Door House Moving

Congratulations on finding a new house that well fits your family’s comfort and accessibility. Now you have a question in your mind about moving the stuff with a door to door cargo services from your house to a new one. Our expert tips will help you to plan for a move and make your moving and packing a memorable one.

Make a checklist for moving

Preparing a checklist is very important because a checklist is simply effective and easy to guide you to finish your duties without any confusion. You can prepare and store it in the cloud. Early starting will avoid last-minute mistakes.

Start planning a couple of months before so that you get enough time to organize. Add to the checklist starting with organizing important documents related to moving.

Check every room and make a list of furniture, glass finished furniture for special packing, delicate artworks, and crystal works.

Make a room to room tour and separate the stuff you need and junk. Always there will be some junks when you do a deep cleaning before packing. Contact a donation unit or junk collecting agency to take away your stuff. It is good to keep the needed items because stuffing unwanted things in your new house only occupies space.

What to do before moving to a rental house?

  • Check the area before seeing a rental house
  • Discuss with the neighbors around the house before moving to know any problem in the house.
  • It’s always better to see the house of a landlord whom you know well or go with any of your friend’s referrals.
  • Before signing the rental agreement thoroughly read the document and check it is legally documented.
  • Check all the windows, doors, piping system, electrical units, and floors for any faults. If there please mention it to the landlord and get it correct.
  • Check with the security system and if your main door has a digital lock system confirm whether you can change the password for your privacy
  • Have a look at the electrical meter system before moving and check the previous bills for correct reading.
  • Inform the landlord before moving and ensure your new house is cleaned well.

Ensure your safety by disinfecting your new house before moving

  • Ensure your new house is painted recently. If possible do a new painting.
  • Clean all the walls from top to bottom.
  • Check the bathrooms for its cleanliness.
  • Disinfect the cabinets, countertops, and showcases, and sinks.
  • Sanitize the doors and locks.
  • Confirm your house is safe before moving

How to pack for moving

Take pictures of all your furniture, electronics, and all valuable things before packing.

Contact movers and packers and discuss packing the stuff  if needed ask for storage and warehouse facility.

Collect small boxes to pack your books and valuable documents and label and secure them early to avoid missing them.

Enquirer about their door to door cargo services , tracking system and house moving experience. If possible have a discussion with a customer for their user experience.

If possible before removing your Refrigerators, TV, and Ac unit contact the   company home service and ask them to remove the units to avoid any repair or damages.

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